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Cell 724-316-9737
Fax 425-675-1483
bruce.conley @ TheComputerCoach.US

HARDWARE: ALPHA, VAX, PDP11, Macintosh, PCs, DECServers, printers: DEC and PC compatibles, PC modems, FAX and voice card, Talking Technologies VBX, Industrial Electronic Engineer PEP (Infrared Touch Panel), and Various Optical scanners

SOFTWARE: VMS, RSX-11M, RT-11, MSDos, AppleWorks, Windows9x/NT, DECNet, Ethernet, NCP, TCPIP, LATCP, BeaMQ, FORTRAN, BASIC, PASCAL, Visual Basic, C/C++, ClarisDraw, MS Office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook) FrontPage 9x/2000, HTML, Java Script, WP Office (WordPerfect, QuattroPro), WordStar, COREL(Draw, PhotoPaint, Ventura),   Communications (InternetExplorer, Netscape, Kermit, QuickLink, ProComm Plus, HyperACCESS, PCAnywhere, LapLink, NAT32), OmniPro OCR, OmniForm/Filler, PhotoFinish, and PrintMaster


Bruce W Conley - The Computer Coach  (July,1990-Present) Owner
Clients have include psychotherapists, lawyers, home owners, chiropractors, yoga instructors, magazine publishing and real estate agencies

Special Project work for AK-Steel in Butler (January, 2008 - January, 2009)

ACS, Inc./AK Steel Level 3, 4, & 5 Production/Development Systems (May,2000-January,2002) Systems Manager

ESA/ARMCO Steel/Westinghouse-AEG - #3 Tandem Cold Mill Project, Hyrb Engineering and Davy - #2 Tandem Cold Mill Projects & Various Finishing Lines (June,1992-March,2000) Systems Architect

ESA/Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel/General Electric Tandem Cold Mill Project (May,1990-March,1992) Systems Architect

QCI/AEG-Westinghouse/NUCOR Steel Flat Rolled Products Projects (April,1988- May,1990) Consultant

Davy McKee Corporation AHMSA THERMOD Modeling Project & Dofasco Steel Ladle Metallurgical Facility Project (May,1986-April,1988) Senior Systems Engineer

Software Consultants, Inc./Dravo Automated Sciences (DAS)/Bethlehem Steel (BSCO)/Inland Steel (ISC) RH-OB Vacuum Degasser Projects (April,1985-April,1986) System Analyst

CTG/PPG Fiberglass Research/American Shear Knife (ASKO)/Bethlehem Steel (BSCO) (October,1983-April,1985) Systems Engineer

Self-Employed Consultant/H.B.Maynard (October,1983-December,1983) Project Leader (See H.B.Maynard and Company, Inc.)
H.B.Maynard and Company, Inc./Burlington Industries Burlington Industries MOST
Project (January,1982-October,1983) Project Leader

PPG Industries, Inc. (September,1973-July,1981) Systems Analyst


B.S. Computer Science - UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH (1982-1986)

90 Undergraduate Credits in Chemistry and Computer Science - UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN (1970-1981)



Cloverdale Estates Civic Association President (1994-1996)/Vice-President (1993)

Pittsburgh Dough Boys Investment Club President (1991)/Vice-President (1988-1989)

PPG Industries' Emergency Squad Leader (1977-1981)

PPG Industries' Technical Department Safety Committee Member (1980-1981)

Milwaukee AA Softball League Women's Softball Team Manager/Head Coach (1978-1981)

White water rafting and camping excursions

Grand Canyon (1996)

Peshtigo and Wolf Rivers, Wisconsin Tour Leader (1974-1981)