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HARDWARE: ALPHA, VAX, PDP11, Apple/Mac, PCs, Tablet-PCs, DECServers, printers and print servers, PC modems, FAX and voice cards, and Optical scanners, NAS & USB External Drives, Network Routers (Wired/Wireless), Hubs and Switches, Wireless IP-Cams

SOFTWARE: OpenVMS, RSX-11M, RT-11, Apple Oses, Windows XP/Vista/7, DECNet, Ethernet, VPN, NCP, TCPIP, LATCP, DMQ, FORTRAN, Perl, Visual Basic, MS Office (Excel, Word, VB Scripting, Publisher, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) MS FrontPage, HTML, Adobe Web Premium CS5 (DreamWeaver, PhotoShop, Fireworks), MS Web Expressions, JavaScript, WordPerfect, MS Works, Communications (Remote Access, Gbridge, VPN, Logmein)


Bruce W Conley – The Computer Coach - http://TheComputerCoach.US (Part Time 1990-2002/Full Time 2002-Present) Owner

Clients include: accountants (CPAs), auctioneers, chambers of commerce, chiropractors, closing companies, commercial land developers, heating & cooling contractors, homeowners, job search assistant organizations, lawyers, magazine publishers, marketing professionals, mortgage brokers, non-profit organizations, professional networking organizations, printers, psychotherapists, real estate agents, retail merchants, safety and security institutes, social workers, window replacement specialists, and yoga instructors

ASIC/AK Steel – Level 2 HP Alpha Systems Design/Coding/Testing (August, 2011-November, 2011) Consultant

ASIC/AK Steel – Level 2 HP Alpha Systems Design/Coding/Testing (January, 2008-January, 2009) Consultant

ACS, Inc./AK Steel – Level 3, 4, & 5 Production/Development Systems (May, 2000-January, 2002) System/Security/Network Manager

ESA/ARMCO Steel/Westinghouse-AEG - #3 Tandem Cold Mill Project, Hyrb Engineering and Davy - #2 Tandem Cold Mill Projects & Various Finishing Lines (June, 1992-March, 2000) Systems Architect

ESA/Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel/General Electric Tandem Cold Mill Project (May, 1990-March, 1992) Systems Architect

QCI/AEG-Westinghouse/NUCOR Steel Flat Rolled Products Projects (April, 1988- May, 1990) Consultant

Davy McKee Corporation AHMSA THERMODâ Modeling Project & Dofasco Steel Ladle Metallurgical Facility Project (May, 1986-April, 1988) Senior Systems Engineer

Software Consultants, Inc./Dravo Automated Sciences (DAS)/Bethlehem Steel (BSCO)/Inland Steel (ISC) RH-OB Vacuum Degasser Projects (April, 1985-April, 1986) System Analyst

CTG/PPG Fiberglass Research/American Shear Knife (ASKO)/Bethlehem Steel (BSCO) (October, 1983-April, 1985) Systems Engineer

Self-Employed Consultant/H. B. Maynard (October, 1983-December, 1983) Project Leader (See H.B.Maynard and Company, Inc.)

H. B. Maynard and Company, Inc./Burlington Industries Burlington Industries MOST® Project (January, 1982‑October, 1983) Project Leader

PPG Industries, Inc. (September, 1973-July, 1981) Systems Analyst

PDP System Manager; and design and code various data calculation and collection software which include: colormetric analysis for tint and pigment formulations/additions, coating viscosity end points, blending/mixing tanks blade tip speeds and efficiencies, and statistical analysis of testing procedures


B. S. Computer Science - UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH (1982-1986)

Major Accomplishments: Project Manager of a software project for a Software Engineering course which includes; design, code , and test a menu driven forms package for a medical domains data retrieval system

90 Undergraduate Credits in Chemistry and Computer Science - UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN (1970-1981)

ROBERT MORRIS UNIVERSITY (2004) FastTrack Planning for Technology (Wrote a Business Plan for Technology Company)



Cloverdale Estates Civic Association President (1994-1996)/Vice-President (1993)

Pittsburgh Dough Boys Investment Club President (1991)/Vice-President (1988-1989)

PPG Industries' Emergency Squad Leader (1977-1981)

PPG Industries' Technical Department Safety Committee Member (1980-1981)

Milwaukee AA Softball League Women's Softball Team Manager/Head Coach (1978-1981)

White water rafting and camping excursions


Computers, camping, board games, white water rafting, water skiing, jet-skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, photography, music, dancing, magic, horseshoes, cooking, and comedy